Joshua Luekenga

Dr. Joshua Luekenga

Au.D., F-AAA, CCC-A, Audiologist

Dr. Joshua Luekenga is an audiologist and founder of The Utah Ear Institute which is comprised of 5 comprehensive clinics throughout Utah and Wyoming. He specializes in vestibular and balance diagnostics. He also evaluates and treats hearing disorders, Tinnitus, Auditory Processing Disorders (APD), Misophonia and Hyperacusis.

Dr. Luekenga received his Doctorate in Audiology from the University of Utah and completed his fellowship at Rocky Mountain Hearing and Balance. Further clinical and medical experience includes the Veteran’s Affairs Hospital, Primary Children’s Medical Center, ENT Specialists, Dixie Hearing and Balance Center and IHC Hearing and Balance Center. He continues his vestibular assessment and management education through courses taught by Dr’s. Neil Shephard and Jeff Walter at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Az. Dr. Luekenga believes in educating and empowering his patients with the tools and knowledge required for effective treatment and recovery.

Dr. Luekenga prefers to be called Josh or “Dr. J” because very few can pronounce his last name correctly.

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