Hearing Evaluation and Consultation

Hearing Evaluation and Consultation

Your hearing specialist at Utah Ear Institute will take a detailed case history regarding your hearing health. We may ask such questions as, “How long have you been experiencing difficulty with your hearing?” or “What is your most difficult listening environment?” Your answers will provide valuable background information.

A physical examination of your ear will assess the general condition of your ear canal and eardrum. Video otoscopy will allow you to see your own ear drum on a color TV monitor. Next, we will conduct a diagnostic hearing evaluation. You will listen to various tones through insert earphones in a sound treated booth. We will assess the softest levels at which you can hear these sounds. You will be tested on how clearly you understand and recognize words. We will also establish most comfortable and uncomfortable volume and listening levels.

After the testing is complete, your audiologist will review the results with you. If a medical condition is discovered or suspected, we will refer you to a medical doctor for treatment or consultation. If the test results indicate you would benefit from the use of hearing instruments, we will discuss the various options most appropriate for your hearing needs and provide you with a listening demonstration.

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