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    Sonic Bliss

    Outstanding natural sound

    Built on the power of the Speech Variable Processing Technology Platform, Bliss provides a rich, natural quality to everyday sounds. Bliss makes people comfortable, confident, and able to enjoy the world around them.

    An emphasis on speech understanding - Missing out on conversations can mean missing out on life’s best moments. Bliss is designed to help improve the ability to understand speech, so listeners keep pace with the stories and personal moments that enrich their days.

    Ease-of use features to keep things simple - Bliss is configured to provide hands-free operation in most listening situations. When there’s a need to interact with the device, Bliss features are easy to access and intuitive.

  • Sonic Charm - Hearing Aids For Sale - Utah Ear Institute

    Sonic Charm

    Simply natural

    Refreshingly straightforward, Charm has just the right amount of features to please. But don’t let its simplicity fool you. Charm has all the essentials you need. Rich, natural sound. Noise-reducing technologies. Intuitive operation. Even wireless connectivity. It’s the kind of solution you’ll love. Pure and simple.

    Simply natural - Charm features Sonic technologies that make listening clear and more enjoyable. Speech Variable Processing preserves subtle soft and loud sounds in words that other hearing instruments often miss. A variety of noise reduction and directional systems also help keep your focus on conversations, not unwanted noise.

    Simply Connected - Compatible with Bluetooth® technology, Charm allows you to connect with the wireless devices you use every day.

    Simply Friendly - Charm is streamlined, stylish, and oh-so-easy to use. It virtually eliminates feedback. Automatically adjusts to the listening environment. And comes in models designed for comfort and a variety of hearing needs. With features like these, no wonder Charm attracts people everywhere.

  • Sonic Pep - Hearing Aids For Sale - Utah Ear Institute

    Sonic Pep

    Enjoy the essentials

    Pep is ideal for first-time hearing aid users who have basic hearing needs. It includes the latest digital technologies to improve overall hearing and increase your comfort. Plus, Pep is modern and stylish, not to mention discreet and easy to operate. Pep gives you the important features that introduce you to hearing instruments and enjoy better hearing in comfort.

    On-the-go with Pep - Pep is designed to easily fit into your active lifestyle. Models include a lightweight Behind-The-Ear (BTE) instrument with easy push-button operation. Pep also has discreet Canal styles that are hardly noticeable to you or others.

    Hear (and look) your best - Pep BTE models have a sleek modern design. And all styles come in four different colors to blend in with your hair or skin.

  • Sonic Pep - Hearing Aids For Sale - Utah Ear Institute

    Sonic Flip

    Clear and comfortable listening

    Flip is small. It’s easy to use. And it’s designed to keep pace with an energetic lifestyle like yours. Forget what you used to think about hearing aids, and Flip open a new chapter on life. While compact in size, Flip doesn’t short-change any features. You’ll enjoy Speech Variable Processing, the Sonic technology that makes conversations more clear and understandable. Noise reduction systems target background sounds and help separate them from the speech you want to hear. And don’t worry about feedback. Flip identifies and stops the squeal before it begins.

    Stay connected with life - Created specifically to adapt to today’s technologies, Flip is ready for nearly any digital audio device. Your everyday world is full of cell phones, landlines, television, digital music, PCs, and more. Flip helps you connect to them all.

    Natural sound made simple - Flip is small. People love that about this discreet device. They also love that it’s smart. The most compact RIC of its kind, Flip packs in a lot of technology. It also features an easy-to-use push button. Accessible volume control. And a size 13 battery that means weeks of long-lasting performance.

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