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Styles of Various Hearing Devices
Joshua Luekenga May 15, 2019

Styles of Various Hearing Devices

Hearing aids come in various shapes, sizes, and styles. You can find out which style suits your needs and is comfortable. You can do this by exploring the various amounts of styles available in the hearing aid market.

The first type of style is the traditional, behind-the-ear model. This device is personalized and is placed mostly behind your ear. A tube attaches the outer portion to the inner portion which is inserted into your ears in a manner that prevents any sensations of blockage within the ear. This particular style is very easy to maintain and is perfect for those who are busy and are constantly on the move and have no time to spend cleaning their hearing aids meticulously. This particular type of hearing aids requires very low maintenance and cleaning and the batteries can also be changed with ease.

Another type of hearing aid is the receiver-in-canal which is similar to the device listed above. Unlike the behind-the-ear model though, this device is not actually placed within your ear, which enables you to have a more organic hearing sensation rather than an artificial one. Another difference between the two is that the receiver-in-canal is somewhat smaller in size in comparison to the behind-the-ear hearing aids. The receiver-in-canal hearing aid is often used to rectify hearing losses that range from medium severity to high levels of hearing damage.

The next style is the in-the-canal hearing device, which is small yet incredibly powerful. This device has a very sensitive microphone and contains the microphone, amplifier, as well as the receiver in a single shell. All of the device sits snugly within your ear canal and contain a small antenna so that you can remove them from your ears when not in use. Unlike the behind-the-ear and receiver-in-canal models, the in-the-canal model is far more discreet and is almost invisible for the most part.

The last style of hearing aids is the in-the-ear style. This particular style is somewhat larger in size than the in-the-canal hearing aids but has more advanced features such as manual controls that you can use to regulate your hearing aid volume. The entire device is placed just below the outer ear and is customized to fit the shape of your ear. It usually blends in with your skin tone and is easy to use and to remove. This device is ideal for those who have trouble handling tiny, delicate pieces of equipment.

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