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Music Therapy and the Enhancement of Hearing and Overall Health
Joshua Luekenga November 15, 2017

Music Therapy and the Enhancement of Hearing and Overall Health

Majority of the articles list music as a cause for hearing loss, but in reality there are ways that music can actually heal certain illnesses. Contradictory to popular belief, music has actually been found to have a healing effect on hearing loss. Even though listening to music at high volumes for an extended period of time can indeed hurt your hearing abilities, listening to music at a soothing volume does no harm. On the contrary, it enables your brain to concentrate on listening without becoming sidetracked due to peripheral sounds.

People with minor hearing loss have found that listening to music at a suitable volume allows them to choose important sound impulses while eliminating background noise. Researchers report that the “musician effect” links musical training to better hearing since musicians are trained to pick up minor details and nuances which improves their cognitive abilities and therefore enhances their hearing.

New findings suggest that music can actually be viewed as an alternative treatment method to medication. Several studies denote listening to music with the increased secretion of serotonin and immunoglobin A which enhances immunity. Music has also been found to lessen anxiety and has been found to have positive effects as an alternative treatment to anti-anxiety medication.

Another field where music has been found to have a positive effect is in autism spectrum disorder. This brain development ailment tends to hinder a child’s capability to effectively interact and communicate with those around them, and can sometimes result in absolute non-communication. A study published in Pertanika Journal explored how children with autism who listened to two hour music sessions on a weekly basis reported a significant improvement in their symptoms across a period of ten months.

Music therapy has also been found to have a significant positive effect on physiological ailments such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, as well as behavioral problems such as Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.

The research in support of music therapy with its efficacy in the improvement of hearing health and overall health is undeniable. Not only can you now enjoy listening to music guilt free, you can also use it as a natural treatment method to help heal several health and cognitive problems. Just make sure you listen to it at a moderate, comfortable volume and not only your ears but your entire body and mind will thank you for it!

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