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Keep Your Hearing Aids on When Engaging in Sports
Joshua Luekenga April 15, 2020

Keep Your Hearing Aids on When Engaging in Sports

Summer time is a wonderful time to engage in a wide variety of outdoor recreational activities, including sports. However, many people who wear hearing aids often store them away before playing sports, but this may not be such a good idea.

It is always important to maintain an active lifestyle in order to remain physically and mentally fit. Engaging in any type of sports is a fun way to increase your physical activity. Athletes that suffer from any type of hearing loss may be hesitant to take their hearing aids along with them when they play on the field out of fear of losing or damaging them. Some may even be embarrassed to wear their hearing aids in front of their teammates out of fear of being ridiculed. In any case, it is important to become aware of why it is a good idea to keep your hearing aids on while engaging in any type of sports.

Think of hearing aids as protection for your ears, the same way you would treat any other protective gear. You never think twice before wearing your helmet, and never worry about how silly you would look wearing your gloves, so why worry about wearing your hearing aids? They are simply another type of gear, albeit an important one since it keeps you safe on the field!

While playing any type of sports, it is important to have all your senses in high alert. You wouldn’t want to miss out on calls from your teammates during the game, which is why you should wear your hearing aids during the game. Moreover, having your hearing aids on would help you remain safe during the game as you would be able to hear your teammates shouting out to you in case a ball is headed your way.

Even though hearing aids may help keep you safe, you may be concerned about keeping your hearing aids safe while playing sports! Various hearing aid manufacturers provide accessories such as clips or bands that can be worn around your head which help keep your hearing aids in place during the game when you’re being jostled about.

An important thing to note is that hearing aids and moisture do not go well together, and sports can lead to increased amounts of sweat. Always ensure that you clean out your hearing aids thoroughly after your game and place them into a dehumidifier to ensure that any trapped moisture is eliminated. This will help keep your hearing aids in proper working condition.

You can also invest in an additional accessory known as a sweatband, which will help ensure the hearing aids stay put during the game as well as remaining dry. Let this summer be your most active summer yet, but don’t forget to wear your hearing aids. Now go out and have the best game you have ever had!

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