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Flying with Hearing Devices
Joshua Luekenga July 14, 2017

Flying with Hearing Devices

Increased security measures and TSA screenings at airports tend to induce a sense of nervousness in those using hearing aids. The Department of Homeland Security recently announced a ban on laptops as well as tablets on various international flights. However, those wearing hearing aids or cochlear implants can breathe a sigh of relief since their devices will not trigger any alarms during security screening.

On the contrary, it is actually a good idea to keep your hearing aids on when deciding to board a flight. Wearing your hearing aids will enable you to adequately hear and respond to questions from TSA agents. Flight announcements are also important to keep a track of, which become easier to hear when you have your hearing aids on. Ensure you take a few protective measures to avoid any confusion or mishap during security screenings.

When you approach the security screening area, make sure you announce to the TSA agents that you use hearing aids or cochlear implants. If you leave your hearing aids or cochlear implants within your carry-on baggage, the shape as well as the metallic content within them might prompt TSA screening agents to conduct a bag search. This is why it would be more convenient for you to simply wear your hearing devices and announce that you have them on when walking up towards security screening.

The sounds on an airplane can be very loud, especially when wearing hearing aids, which is why you can remove your hearing devices once you board the airplane. You can use personal headphones with noise-cancellation to help you eliminate the background noise and enable you to enjoy the visual entertainment on board.

It is important to remember never to place your hearing devices in your checked baggage since your baggage might get misplaced in transit. It is therefore more convenient to simply wear your hearing devices and store them in your carry-on bag once they are not in use.

In the event that you find it difficult to hear flight announcements in busy, bustling airports due to your hearing loss, ensure that you check the disability box when you purchase your plane ticket. Please note that people who mark the disability box are often met with a wheelchair at the gate, so do not be alarmed if this happens in your case. On the bright side, you might be eligible for pre-boarding which can help save a lot of time from standing in long queues at the boarding gate. So the next time you travel by airplane, make sure to check off the disability box, keep your hearing device handy, notify security agents about your hearing device, and have a safe and enjoyable flight!

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